I had this idea for an alterations business where I could pick up and deliver to client’s homes. This vision soon came to life and now my business has been flourishing for 30 years. 

My initial interest in fashion began with making doll clothing in my Aunt Mary’s sewing shop. But at a young age Aunt Mary devoted a great deal of time teaching me the fundamentals of clothing because she saw my rare tactile skills and acute attention to detail. With the constant presence of fashion in my teenage years, I decided to invest in my passion by attending the Art institute of Atlanta. The Institute made me proficient in pattern design and pattern making as well as marketing. I went on to specialize my craft by focusing on the alterations aspect of clothing with the prestigious mentoring of a well-known seamstress named Mrs. Annie Young. 

I can honestly say that all of my training has been impacted in my everyday sewing practices. The excitement of my career comes when a client presents a challenging concept and I have to manipulate my skills in order to make the client’s requests come alive. Not only do I take pride in my ability to translate the client’s vision into reality but I also pride myself on my quick and precise turnaround time. My atelier is the center where all my ideas are created and brought to life.  

Many may think that my career is of superficial importance, but I can attest a hundred fold to the transformation that tailored clothing has on a person’s confidence. My belief is that the clothing should fit the person, not the person fitting the clothing and I am here to provide you with your personal fit.